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RoboGalaxy is pioneer in robotics research and learning solutions. RoboGalaxy offers online robotics courses, learning solution, robot designs & projects, technical articles, educational resources and many other robotics related online information.

RoboGalaxy also has state of the art academy in India, affiliation with Schools and Colleges, and affiliation with industry & educational Institutes.

Our programs are designed indigenously by Research Analysts with expertise in robotics, math, physics, and teaching. The programs are engaging and students learn to design, build and program autonomous robots. The curriculum focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) while delivering robotics education.

RoboGalaxy programs open a gateway into the amazing world of robotics technology and offer an opportunity to expand prospects by gaining exposure to robotic systems in early age. Our programs are carefully tailored for various age groups and skill levels to make sure each student has an enjoyable experience.

Our philosophy
Be a catalyst in shaping the future.
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  1. Robotics Portal

  2. RoboGalaxy Academy

  3. School & College Solution

  4. Robotics Research

  5. Competition Mentoring




Sumeeti Mittal

Founder, Director

E-mail: info@robogalaxy.com


Sumeeti is Founder, Director of RoboGalaxy. She is an engineering graduate and has been successful enterpreneur. Sumeeti is Co-Founder of Pratham Software and Founder of Pratham Shiksha.


Gunja Mohta

AVP, Product Development

E-mail: info@robogalaxy.com


Gunja Mohta, is the AVP, Product Development. Gunja manages on-line product development, and delivery of school solutions.

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Why Robogalaxy?


RoboGalaxy provides access to universe of robotics. Our focus is to nurture the inherent potential and talent of each child, and provide a platform for practical application of science and mathematics concepts. It not only provides a structured learning on the subject, but also helps cultivates logical thinking and provides a creative outlook.

RoboGalaxy works closely with students, schools, colleges, and institutional bodies to seek continuous feedback and improve. RoboGalaxy research analysts are always ready in going that extra mile for the students. This attitude of service is always part of our DNA.

We offer one-stop robotics solutions

  • Online and Offline Education

  • Free access to robot designs and projects

  • Free access to technical articles

  • Free access to robotics educational resources

  • Dictionary to familiarize with robotics

  • Highly satisfied students and parents

Best robotics course in industry

  • Education resources developed by experienced research analysts

  • Right blend of Robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

  • Course evolved and optimized through continuous feedback from students over last many years

  • Focus on robotics education and not just model building

  • Story based course, making learning interesting for young students

  • Building Instructions enables design & build right model

We deliver Quality

  • Represented India at World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2014 (Sochi, Russia)

  • Represented India at World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2013 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

  • Represented India at World Robot Olympiad (WRO) 2012 (KL, Malaysia)

  • National Champion – Indian Robot Olympiad (IRO) 2014, 2013, 2012

  • National Champion - FLL 2014

  • National Runner Up – FLL 2013

  • International Champion – FLL Open European Championship 2014 (Pamplona, Spain)




Can You Make A Difference ?

RoboGalaxy is a pioneer in robotics research and learning solutions. RoboGalaxy revolutionized the learning space by providing the best-of-breed education on finger tips, beating geographical limits. RoboGalaxy is not just a great place to work but it is also a place where great people work. We have world class Robotics Scientists, Coaches, Mathematicians, Physicist, Information Technology Team, AND ALWAYS A SPACE FOR ONE MORE.


A job at RoboGalaxy is unlike any other you’ve had. Every Galaxian brings a uniqueness to our products to make it more effective and useful. If you are passionate about robotics, and believe you can make a difference, we certainly would like to explore you for RoboGalaxy Lab And/Or Academy.


Send us your video profile / text profile at careers@robogalaxy.com .