BIOLOID is an educational robotic kit for building various robots such as an autonomous exploration robot, puppy robot, and other shapes you can imagine and supported by mechanic parts in the kit. Boiloid is made up of three basic components: the CM-5 central controller, the AX-S1 sensor module for feedback and the special modular robot servo motor.

Bioloid kit comes with Servo Dynamixel, Gyro Sensor, DMS Sensor, IR sensors, Remote Controller, Skin Set for Humanoid, Battery, Charger, and other peripherals.

How to program your robot?
RoboPlus is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), C language-based, and easy-to-use programming software to develop the robotic programs. User need not be mater of programming language, as it is a GUI based software. Motions and behaviors of robots can be programmed and managed with the software. Although advanced users can write their program in C programming language.

Competitions Held - RoboCup, an international robotics competition

You can buy robotic kit from Amazon.

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TIP: Very good kit for advanced users. This platform is currently in use by the U.S. Naval Academy in their Mechanical Engineering courses. Expensive than MINDSTORMS and VEX.


Comprehensive Kit


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