LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 - Third generation of LEGO MINDSTORMS platform
EV3 is a robotics platform designed to introduce robotics in early age. The kit comes along with motors, sensors and a programmable brick and enables you to create multitude of models and programs. You can assemble the parts to make a shape you like, and write the program to perform different intelligene functions. This is the next version of robotics kit after MINDSTORMS® NXT


  • EV3 comes with Linux on the brick
  • Control the robot from an Android or iOS smartphone
  • Programming On - Intuitive software program, the programmable brick or your smart device

1 EV3 P-brick
2 Large Motors
1 Medium Motor
1 Touch Sensor
1 Color Sensor
1 Infrared Sensor
1 Remote Control
Cables, USB cable and 500+ TECHNIC elements

*You must check components before buying the kit, as the above list is indicative

Backward and Forward Compatibility

  • You can program your NXT P-brick using the new EV3 software
  • You cannot program your EV3 Brick with the NXT Software
  • EV3 sensors are digital and therefore they will not work with the NXT P-brick
  • EV3 motors will work with the NXT P-Brick
  • NXT sensors and motors will work with EV3 P-brick


Programming on Brick Yes No
Mobile App Integration Yes No
Internet Connect Yes No
Button backlight (3 colors) Yes No
Loudspeaker Premium Basic
Motor Ports 4 3
Memory 16 MB 256 KB
Screen resolution 178x128 pixels 100x64 pixels
USD Host Port Yes No
Master/slave robot control(Bluetooth) 1 master/7 slaves 1 master/3 slaves
Infrared Sensor Yes No
Infrared Beacon Yes No
SD card reader Yes No
Linux on intelligent brick Yes No
Processor ARM 9 ARM 7
EV3 Color Sensor Detect 7 colors Detect 6 colors
EV3 Color Sensor Reflected Light mode to remove background light NA
EV3 sensors Return new values 1000 times/sec Return new values 333 times/sec



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