Setup Remote desktop connection to raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi setup


  • Start Raspberry Pi
  • Start up your Pi to the terminal prompt.
  • Type the following command “sudo apt-get install xrdp”
  • If promoted, enter your password
  • Type “Y” and hit enter
  • Now wait until XRDP installs
  • Restart pi.
  • Now check WLAN IP address by typing “ifconfig wlan0” in command prompt.
  • Here it will show the IPV4 IP address and the name of network. In my case it is “”
  • Write down the IP address provided by the network.


Laptop setup


  • Go to the start button and search for “Remote desktop connection”.
  • When you’ll open it, you will see it is asking for a IP address.
  • Type the IP address of Raspberry Pi, you have write down
  • Click “Connect”.
  • Here You are asked for username and password for Pi to access the GUI of Pi.


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