TETRIX (A Pitsco Product)


TETRIX is a robot metal building system designed to work with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT brick through the use of the Hard Point Connector.Tetrix kit comes with hard point connector, HiTechnic DC Motor Controller, HiTechnic Servo Controller, Battery, and building system. Like MINDSTOEMS NXT kit, Tetrix also comes as base kit, and additional resource kit to make more versatile models.

TETRIX features heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum elements for construction; powerful drive motors; and expandable capabilities, TETRIX provides the ideal platform for creativity. The trademarked hole pattern on TETRIX structural pieces is unique and enables to attach pieces together at angles, such as 45°, as well as orizontally and vertically.

Competitions Held - MINDSTORMS Controlled - FIRST Tech Challenge, Radio Controlled - RoboRescue

You can buy TETRIX kit from LEGO education.

Link - http://www.tetrixrobotics.com/

TIP: Good for advanced user and engineering students. Little expensive than VEX.


Comprehensive Kit


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