VEX Robotics Design (A VEX Product)


VEX Robotics Design is a robotic kit to introduce students as well as adults to the world of robotics. VEX robotics kit comes with motors, wheels, gears, and other structural parts. VEX allows for up to 8 motors and 16 sensors and programming software for three different levels. VEX has three different programming packages: easyC, RobotC and MPLAB. easyC provides a graphical interface that is perfect for beginners, while MPLAB is perfect for more experienced programmers.

Kit comes in multiple versions - Classroom and Competition Mechatronics Kit, Classroom and Competition Programming Kit, and Classroom and Competition Super Kit. The kits differs primarily in terms of motors and snesor that come along.

Competitions Held - VEX Robotics Competition

You can buy robotic kit from VEX Robotics.

Link -

TIP: Good for advanced user and youths, as MINDSTORMS has limited competition for 14


Comprehensive Kit


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